Kanegosyo Congress 2019: Strengthening partnership

NCCC Supermarket continues on its desire to become every small-scale entrepreneurs' partner through programs and events that directly help businesses grow and improve their returns and services, one of which is the annual Kanegosyo Congress in Davao City.

On its 20th year, Kanegosyo Congress 2019 has made a successful run last September 20 to 22 at Parking Area of NCCC Mall VP with almost 70 partner brands that offered various discounts and top-ups targeted to sari-sari store and other small business owners making it the biggest selling event of the retail company every year.

“Kanegosyo Congress is becoming bigger and bigger every year hoping to assist the growing number of sari-sari stores in the city including those from neighboring cities who travel to Metro Davao just to avail of our discount offers,” Associate Vice President for Retail Operations Jezza Damada said.

There was an estimated 4,500 shoppers traffic during the three-day event, a mix of wholesalers and end-consumers.

“We are happy that our selling programs, like Kanegosyo Congress, are not anymore anticipated by whole salers only but also end users,” Damada said.

Aside from Kanegosyo Congress, NCCC Supermarket also has other more events and programs that further help people with their businesses and encourage others to start building their own.

NCCC Supermarket Marketing Manager Janna Mutalib said the retail company is strengthening its goal to assist small to medium businesses even more this year than ever before.

“We have series of run this year for our Kanegosyo Academy, a community program where we teach people in barangays of possible business ideas with guests from the government and partner brands,” Mutalib said.

This program promotes business start-ups that people can utilize to gain profit maximizing the in-store offers of the retail company and their partner brands.

“Alongside we also have selling programs like the recent Kanegosyo Congress, Sarapangkabuhay this October for our carenderia and restaurant owners, our regular in-store flash sales and other more future wholesale programs packed for everyone to avail,” she said.

Also during the event, NCCC Supermarket, with other NCCC business units, recognized their top partners or consumers for 2019 at Buffet Palace, NCCC Mall VP attended by NCCC heads and associates.