NCCC Supermarket Opens 20th Branch at Maa, Davao City

NCCC Supermarket formally opens its 20th branch at the center of Maa in Davao City catering to more residents in the area. It sits on a 763 sqm selling area at the previously occupied HB1 Pharmacy branch near Sunny Point. HB1 is still in the store which now primarily caters to the pharmacy and other medical needs of shoppers.

The opening ceremony was attended by the company's officers headed by its President and CEO, Lafayette Lim. Senior Vice President Tjader Regis, AVP for Operations, Aries Escape and AVP for Pharmacy Operations, Corazon Wee lead the ribbon cutting ceremony.

NCCC Supermarket shoppers at Maa are grateful for the great convenience the store opening has brought them. Added to that, the store offers favorable operational hours by opening daily from 7am to 10pm. “With our strategic location, we find it best to start early and extend the store hours longer to accommodate more households who may be busy during the day”, says NCCC Supermarket – Maa Sentro Store Head, Elmabeth Estandarte.

The opening blow-outs do not end as more in-store promotions such as Buy 1 Take 1, Fresh Deals of the Week, 7 Days Specials Treat and Weekly Discount Packs will be launched for the entire month of July fulfilling the brand promise of NCCC Supermarket which is #SulitShopping for the family!